About Us!!!

Hi welcome to our website. We are Briton Campbell Hollister and Kevin Hollister, the owners of Throw Baxe.

A little bit about us, well.... I (Briton) have lived in Southport most of my life and am a graduate of South Brunswick High School. Kevin is from Nebraska and a diehard Nebraska Huskers fan. We have a house in BSL with our dog, some cats and Kevin's son (my stepson) Odin. Odin and Kevin are axeperts at Throw Baxe.

We are a crazy couple that likes to socialize, sing karaoke, and have fun with friends new and old. Kevin has a love of axe throwing, and I love all things vintage. My vintage obsession combined with Kevin's enthusiasm for axe throwing gave us the idea for Throw Baxe (throwback/axe).

We enjoy being a part of the Southport community and being able to bring something new and different.

Wedding Day June 7th, 2001

We cut the cake with an axe!!!!

We Like to dress up... Day of the Dead Wedding for friends

Halloween - Kevin is corn and I'm pop corn

Halloween- Our fun employees dress like us

Our friends dress their pets like us